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Come Meet My FurBabies

Our Newst members.
 Dakota (mine)
           Cheyenne (my daughters)
         4 Month old German
  Shepard pups
     They are a handful,lol.
           Dakota had been abused at
         2 months old so we are
           over coming some fears.
    He is a sweetie

A good friend Trudy
                    made this of her and Dakota.
                 She took him for a visit to her place,
       The Realm
     He had a great time,lol


Dakota now in Jan 2004
All 88lbs of him.
Dakota has found a new home in

Cheyanne, Sebastian,
Dakota and Misty
Misty broke her leg.
Dakota and Cheyanne were
having a disagreement
and Misty, playing the "Mom"
Got her paw in the wrong
She is all healed now.
Made Exclusively for Bonnie