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Come Meet My
This is Misty, She is a Yorkie.
She is 4 months old here.
 She is the joy of my life
and a constant companion.
The first three pictures was
done for me by Trudy.
They are so wonderful
Thank you so much

My Misty
She is
the love of my life and totally spoiled

         Misty resting watching
           me on the computer


        Thank you so much Beth
          for this great gift of my baby
        Let The SunShine In
       This is Sammie, he is 4 years old.
          I found Sammie and his brother
          in an old trailer under the heater.
        The trailer had been moved while
       their mom was out hunting.
          They were about 3 weeks old, sick,
           hungry, full of fleas and scared.
        We could not save his brother but
            Sammie grew to be a very healthy boy.          

This big boy is Sebastian
He is a Golden Retriever
and Chow mixed. He is my
daughter's. He is about 7
years old. His tongue is
purple like the Chow's.
His nature is mixed with both
He is a sweetheart.

This is Felix. He is
15 years old
He passed on
Nov 1, 2002
This is Oliver. He is a very
funny cat,lol. He is very
clumsy. He is a sweetheart
most of the time,lol.
Oliver is about 3 years old.
Oliver passed on inOct 2006
Here is Sasha.
She is my daughter's
She is about 12 years old
Sasha passed on in Oct of 2006
       Thank you
          Ozzy and Night Magic
        for this great award.


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